About Us

Fix It 1st, began it’s tour of services in 2009 being very direct, using our  popular tagline: Before You Throw IT Out… Fix It 1st!

Equipped with a lasting vision that was motivated by the failed economy of 2008.  Fix IT 1st, propelled to become one of the top appliance service companies for many appliance manufacturers, home warranty providers and the average customer that needed help with an appliance. We pride ourselves in providing 1st class repair services for large home cooking and laundry room appliances. Our services has given customers the comfort in knowing that our team can repair most of their appliances, no matter where they bought them. Over the years Fix It 1st has become home to several skilled professionals from dispatchers, appliance repair consultants, technicians, drivers, and others. The hard work and dedication to our partners and customers have allowed Fix It 1st to expand across the U.S. by providing OEM appliance parts to businesses, residents and the do-it-yourselfers.

Our Mission

We are here to provide appliance owners superior service and maintenance for the life of their appliances. We strive to constantly find ways to complete repairs and keep cost effective repairs a priority. In addition to that, our focus is to help our customers understand, they DO NOT have to replace an appliance when there is the option of having their current one fixed

Before You Throw it out… Call Fix It 1st!