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Posted :  4/25/2017 1:57:39 AM  |




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I was always concern with the dishonesty of repair service technicians who take advantage of my lack of knowledge in home appliance repair. Then I met T.O. of Fit It First. Not only did he fix my oven, but he also corrected a problem with my garbage disposal and refrigerator. Without charge! He explained to me what was wrong and showed me what to do for general maintenance and operation of my appliances. Others would have said I need a new disposal or sale me parts I did not need. T.O. of Fix It 1st, is a true professional and honest person. I was so impressed with Fix It 1st I requested business cards and other Items so I could informed my neighbors. In fact while he was at my house, a neighbor across the street saw his company van and called to request if he could come over, her oven also stopped working. He did go over to her house, and repaired what was broken. He did this even though he had other scheduled appointments. I asked him to look at my furnace while he was at my house but he said he did have another appointment. But he did go to my neighbor anyway just to her her concerns. He repaired the problem! My neighbor called and thank me for the sending him over. It was not me, It was T.O. who decided to go over. Call him if you have any problems with your appliances, furnace, etc... you will be well pleased.

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