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Posted :  4/25/2017 1:52:24 AM  |




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"Yesterday I called Sears who i have a warranty with to service my Window Air conditioner! They told me that they were going to have a representative to call me back. I waited over 2 hours still no call. I called them back and told them that it is extremely hot outside and that we have two small children here; and that we need service right away. They had somebody who couldn't speak good English call me back and they said that they can send someone out in two weeks. That was unacceptable. I went to Ultra food to buy something and as i was leaving I found a flyer from Fix it 1st appliance services on the wall; i gave them a called and told them about my urgent service request. They told me that they could have a technician out in my area between 3 to 5 pm. I said today! He said yes! The technician came just as they said: Even though when they came to fix my window air conditioner they found that my compressor was gone out; they still came right away same day and they were very nice and helpful. I will be calling them again."

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