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Here at Fix It 1st take Pride in our company and the fact that we have been serving satisfied return customers for several years. Starting many years ago, we built our Company in Homewood Illinois and are proud to save we have done Repairs for over 100,000 Homeowners. Now we service the areas Indiana and Illinois. We are constantly improving our customer service and technical skills to offer a satisfaction guarantee. We only offer factory-authorized repairs to the industry standards and our staff is fully trained and qualified to repair most appliances. We Are position to provide people the opportunity of a suitable annual salary to provide for their families.

Our Mission

We are here to assist Homeowners is the maintenance of their appliances. We are constantly working to find ways to complete repairs and keep the cost at a minimum. In addition, We are to help them understand that you DON'T have or go out and buy new ones. As you may have noticed, appliances aren’t inexpensive as they once were and that is why we are here. We specialize in repairing broken appliances not replacing them.  We service the Indiana and Illinois areas and we are working to keep the appointment process and the repair process within a reasonable amount of time.


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